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June 25, 2011
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Please read the author's comments after reading this. This was meant to be an equal rights piece, not just women's.

Dear Boys,

I might not be hot.
I might not be skinny.
Hell, I might not even be the girl your father wants you to bring home.

But that's not my problem.
It's not my desire to be your slut, your whore.
I know I'm not the girl the team talks about in the locker room.
And don't you for a second think I wish I was.

I wear what I want, do what I want, go and say what I want because I'm me.
I'm me for myself, I'm me for God and I'm me for life.
Nothing you say or do will ever change that.

And if you're reading this and you're one of the boys that I find myself lucky enough to call a friend?
Don't hurt me.
Don't give me a reason to believe that you're all the same, that the good I see in you is fake and exists nowhere in your gender.

Don't treat me with less because I have more.

Attraction is one thing, but don't try to tear down my beauty because I don't suit what you'd like in bed.

My request is that you be good to me as I try to be to you.

Be the friend I need.
Be the rock I lean on.
Be the brother I come to.
Be a man.
I don't know if this will be a series of letters to no one, but I don't care. I love how it came out and no one is going to make me feel otherwise.

I've been really cheated by two male friends in my life, and I wish I hadn't been. It makes it so hard to trust where it shouldn't be, and I essentially just wrote this to say to that person that although they messed it up with me- they can always try to be better next time... as well as to the general male population that it's fine and dandy to have attractions....
Just don't be a jerk. lol

[Note as of 6/30/11:] It's a mindset that we all create and feed into, men and women. This submission isn't really about men being negative.
It's about the way we think we all have to behave. Boys AND Girls.

[Note as of 6/26/11]: Thank you all so much for your comments and favorites, I honestly didn't think this was going to get much attention at all.

This came out of a really ugly situation and it's become such a beautiful thing.

I thought, at first, that people would see this and pass it off as just another 'women's rights' submission, but I feel like a lot people saw it the way I wanted it to be seen- not just as women's rights, but as male rights too.
No boy should feel like he HAS to be jerk to be a normal boy.
No boy should feel like he HAS to be interested in losing his virginity to the nearest size 00 to be a normal boy. (no disrespect to any size 00s.)
No boy should feel like he HAS to be anything more than a decent human being to be a normal boy.

And you've all been so supportive, I deeply appreciate it.

[note note note]
I had a comment from a boy who I think took this the wrong way, as some sort of stab at the male gender. I wanted to say that I didn't just slam the door on this person after they said something.
The person this stemmed from DID indeed have the chance to explain himself. In fact, it was WHEN he explained himself that he said things like
1. You're ugly in the eyes of society.
2. NO ONE will ever think you are pretty.
3. *insert friends here* Are pretty, but you aren't.

So it isn't so much that I'm saying what I feel here and not telling them. It's that they have HEARD this and do not care.
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